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A Patio To Fit Your Home & Garden

January 25, 2013

Your patio, like the rest of your home, should be a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary. With the right furniture, it can be a place where you can read a book or enjoy a comforting cup of tea. You can even have breakfast there, or entertain guests with an al fresco summer brunch. This article can help you create your “dream patio” by explaining the criteria you should consider when selecting furniture for your patio.

It Should be Practical

How do you want the patio to be used? Pick furniture that will help you serve that purpose. For example, if you want to turn that space into a breakfast nook, you will need a large table and chairs. If you see it as the perfect place for afternoon naps, then lounge chairs are far more appropriate.

It Should be the Right Size

Measure the size of your patio and pick furniture of the correct scale and size. Otherwise, you’ll crowd and clutter the area. Always compute the dimensions of your furniture and allow space for walkways. Also consider style details that can create the illusion of space and make a small room look bigger.

It Should be Sturdy

Patio furniture is exposed to the elements—sun, rain, dust, wind—and should be appropriately weather treated or made of easy-to-clean fabrics and surfaces. Be realistic. A very ornate metal chair will look gorgeous, but do you have time to clean the dust and grime out of the corners? Families with young children and pets may also need to take extra considerations. For example, your cat may decide to turn that wicker table into her personal scratching post!

It Should Fit in With the Rest of your Home

Consider the look of your patio and your entire home. Are you going for a comfortable and casual “beach home” vibe, or do you want something more Oriental or Mediterranean? Look at design magazines, blogs and websites to see how they use different pieces and details to create a particular look. There are little nuances that can make such a big difference. For example, one metal may evoke a classic Victorian vibe, while another may feel more retro or modern.

It Should be of High Quality

While we all need to work with a budget, buy the highest quality you can afford, since replacing damaged furniture plus the hassles of having it fixed can hardly be worth the trouble.

About the Author:

Sarah is a writer and consultant for Factory She enjoys home decorating and is always on the lookout for beautiful ideas and bargains.