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How to Step Up Your Garden Shed’s Security

For people who have enough yard space, installing a garden shed is a brilliant way of creating additional storage. It also gives the added aesthetic value, if you put enough thought into the design.

There is, however, the issue of security, as sheds do tend to attract thieves. While some people only store garden tools in the shed, there is always the possibility of storing some things of value in there. That is why it is also important, when designing your garden shed, that you incorporate security measures.

Here are some ways to step up your garden shed’s security.

Pay attention to ease of access from the outside.

You certainly want to be able to access your shed easily, but you also want to ensure that outsiders will not be able to reach it easily. As such, pay particular attention to where you install your shed. One way to tighten security is to put up boundaries that will protect your garden and even put up a garden gate if necessary. Another consideration is whether or not the shed is visible from the outside. If the shed is not seen from the outside, the chances of people being tempted to break in are lower.

Choose a solid door.

Garden shed doors come in all shapes and sizes, as well as materials. One idea is to use something like a garage door, which is automated and secure. If you prefer to go for wood, then make sure the material is solid. Additionally, install locks that are relatively immune to bolt cutters.

Secure those windows.

Not all sheds have windows, but if yours does, then you also have to make sure those windows will not be an entry point for intruders. You can do this by placing a net or screen from the inside. This will deter “casual” burglars. If you really want high security, use laminated glass for the windows.

Light it up!

Unscrupulous people often work in the dark, and a little lighting usually deters them. As such, do not leave your shed without illumination. A lamp or two will do the trick, depending on the size of your shed. It doesn’t cost much to beef up your shed’s security. A little work and investment will save you more in the long run!