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Tips on choosing plants for your garden

Visiting your local garden store or browsing through the plant catalogues to choose what plants to grow is one of the most exciting parts of gardening.

It is important to spend time researching various plant and flower types before you decide which plants you want to grown in your garden.

So here are some tips to help you in choosing your plants for your garden:

  • It is important to consider what country the plant is native too. Why? Because if you live in a country that is cold most of the time, then getting a plant from a tropical country is a waste as it will not grow. It is always best to buy plants and flowers from your local gardening store.
  • Find out how much direct sunlight various plants require to grow. If your garden does not get much direct sunlight, be sure to choose plants that don't need too much light.
  • Consider choosing plants that will fit together and compliment the set up or style of your garden.
  • Contrasting different foliage colors, shapes, sizes and textures will give you a beautiful, creative, and unique garden.
  • Once you have chosen a plant, it is necessary to find out how much water it needs to grow. If your area doesn't get much rain, be sure to water your plants regularly to ensure that they grow.
  • Rather than always focusing on spring, annuals, bulbs and other plants that only lasts and look beautiful for 3-6 months, consider choosing plants that will grow throughout the year and can actually keep up with the climate . This offers your garden flowers in the cooler months or foliage that warms your garden up.
  • Lastly, you have to pay attention to the risks your chosen plants can bring to the garden. Will the roots of your chosen plants become invasive to your underground system? Will your chosen plants harm the other plants or cause them not to grow? Think through all the possibilities that may take place once your garden is finished.