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Top 5 Flowers for an Autumn Garden

Just like with any other season, autumn gardening comes with its own set of guidelines. Most of the work is actually preparing the garden and making it season-ready.

If you wish to be successful with your gardening, it is important to be familiar with the flowers that flowers that you want to plant and to know how much upkeep they require.

In autumn, it is important to keep your garden tidy:

  • Be sure to remove all dead leaves and other plant debris from your garden area.
  • Annuals should be removed from garden as they die from the previous season.
  • Moss and weeds, as always, should be eliminated.

And here are the top 5 flowers to grow in this season:

  • Crocus - blooms in early autumn with a 4” wide purple or blue flower, in clusters of one to four. Its 6 petals can either be thin, oval-shaped, or short and rounded. When spring comes, its 12" long leaves appear in clusters of three to eight. Then it withers at the end, and the process begins again.
  • Tiger Lily - came from Northern and Eastern Asia the produces vibrant orange and black spotted flowers. It actually flowers numerous buds over a reasonable flowering period and makes a wonderful cut flower. They are easy to grow in a well drained soil and just like any plant, it needs some watering.  The most interesting thing about Tiger Lily is that not only do the bulbs multiply in the ground but up, down and around the stem. They've got little bulbils that develop overtime into larger bulbs, which make this plant very easy to multiply.
  • Achillea - commonly known as Yarrow. They're relatively easy to grow and produce a delicate and subtle looking flower. It forms a solid clump of fine, ferny foliage and grows upright, slender stems topped with flat heads of flowers. The colors of this flower can be pink red, yellow, pink, white or even mauve.
  • Campanula - normally comes in blue or mauve flowers, and some has beautiful white bells that are quite large that has a subtle touch of burgundy or mauve markings up inside the flower. This flower plant is easy to grow and needs a reasonable amount of water. When you plan to divide and multiply this flower, don’t do it when it's still undeveloped - wait until it moves off plant life.
  • Dahlias - provide vibrant colors and tints to your garden. They may grow out of proportion and be tricky because the weight of their flowers means that the bush needs a little more secure stalking. But you can different kinds of Dahlias and some may not even need stalking. All this flower needs is a bit of attention and a reasonable amount of water.