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Wednesday March 30, 2011

SCIENTISTS can model climate change with 95 per cent probability. Economists can't model economy-wide carbon pricing, yet Martin Feil (Comment, 29/3) thinks economists' forecasts of costs are certain, but he's not sure about climate change. Julia Thornton, Surrey Hills PoliticsIF CARBON pricing is impossible, what will be the most effective method for changing humans from fossil fuels to renewables?Barbara Fraser, BurwoodDESPITE tabloid reporting, the myki system works fine for me and everyone else I have spoken to. It would be incredibly stupid to ditch it now that it finally works.Ben Lloyd, BellfieldNO DOUBT Tony Abbott will have sent a message of support to the president of his fan club, Andrew Bolt.Noel Howard, HeathmontReligionCAN we at least give our kids the option of watching MythBusters as an alternative to sitting in the corridor during religious indoctrination. They may learn the value of experimentation and evidence to determine whether something is true.Chris Goodman, Clifton hillWHEN I went to a tiny country state school in the 1950s, there was religious instruction for "proddies" but none for Catholics. They got to tend the school garden for the hour. As a result my adult religion is gardening especially on Sundays.Ranee Mischlewski, Box HillColesIS COLES'S claim that "its customers have saved more than $800 million on their grocery bills" (The Age, 29/3) based on the amount it would have ripped off us in the absence of any competition at all?Lawrie Bradly, Surrey HillsWE HAVE had a plague of grasshoppers, earthquakes, volcanoes and bush fires. Now we have St Coles and St Woolworths showing concern for consumers over prophets (sorry, profits). I now wait, with bated breath, for a star in the east.Norman Miller, The BasinCOLES or Woolworths. Who'll chicken out first?Alex Shabs, ElwoodFurthermoreTRY being an AFL fan in Sydney (Letters, 29/3). If there is motor racing on on Sunday, the AFL is delayed until the race is over. Then they go "live" in the second - or sometimes third - quarter with "highlights" of what's been missed.Pip Denton, Guildford, NSWTHE derogatory terms of "gooks" and "slopes" were used by Americans, not by Australians, Wendy Hughes (28/3). The most common term for Vietnamese in my unit was NOGs (notorious oriental gentlemen) or, more endearingly, "noggies". Australians were never as racist as the Americans in Vietnam.Bruce Wilson, Lower Templestowe

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